Global Connections ERG debuts at Elon

This new Employee Resource Group connects international faculty and staff at Elon University, as well as other faculty and staff highly connected to international interests.

At Elon University, several employee resource groups (ERGs) connect faculty and staff who share particular commonalities, identities and interests. For example, the following are some of Elon’s current ERGs: Hispanic/Latinx, Black, LGBTQIA, Employees with Children, Advocates for the Differently-Abled, API, Caregiver, and Retirement Planning, among others.

Starting this March of 2023, one more ERG offers faculty and staff a supportive space to connect: the Global Connections ERG.

Co-chaired by Titch Madzima (associate professor and department chair of Exercise Science, from Zimbabwe) and Sylvia Muñoz (assistant dean of students and director of the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education [CREDE], from Costa Rica), this ERG’s main purpose is to connect international faculty and staff at Elon. However, you don’t have to be from an international origin to be part of this group. If your teaching, research, service or other work areas are related to international aspects and places, you are welcome to join!

As its description indicates, the Global Connections ERG “offers a space for community building and professional development to Elon’s international faculty/staff and those interested in global engagement. The group sponsors community and professional development and educational and networking events.” Those interested in joining this ERG can email Sylvia Muñoz at to let her know.

The Global Connections ERG had its first meeting on March 9 at The Oak House. If you could not be there, no problem. We are eager to welcome you to the group!