Elon economics professor talks year-round schools with Marketplace

Associate Professor Katy Rouse was interviewed for a June 15, 2023, radio segment on school districts that are trying year-round school schedules to help limit learning loss in children.

An Elon University economics professor was among the national experts included in a recent Marketplace report for NPR on the use of year-round schooling to help prevent learning loss in children.

Associate Professor Katy Rouse spoke with journalist Stephanie Hughes for a segment on June 15, 2023, that explored the benefits of year-round school calendars on both achievement and district operations.

Rouse said that for some schools, year-round calendars can be a tool to address overcrowding. Schools can rotate schedules so that not every student is in the same facility at the same time.

“The biggest cost saving would be you don’t have to build a new school to accommodate growth, right?” Rouse said.

Read the full Marketplace report here.

Rouse is an applied microeconomist with scholarship interests in the economics of education and health economics. She has published several papers on the effects of schools switching from traditional to multi-track year-round calendars and her research has attracted attention from a wide range of media outlets, including The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Wall Street Journal, and WUNC North Carolina Public Radio.

Rouse received her doctorate in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Miami University.