WRAL TechWire highlights Imagining the Internet Center’s findings about evolution of digital technology

The analysis by contributing writer Jen McFarland highlighted the findings of the center's most recent report, which focused on the opinions of experts about whether the evolution of digital technology and how humans use digital systems will be beneficial or detrimental on the whole.

A contributing writer for WRAL TechWire recently examined the findings included in the latest report from Elon’s Imagining the Internet Center and the Pew Research Center that focused on what a range of experts see as the future of a world with AI.

Elon in the News logo with WRAL TechWire headlineTitled “Balancing best, worst of a world with AI: ‘Imagining the Internet’ report cites dangers, benefits,” the analysis by Jen McFarland, who heads the technology consulting firm Marit Digital, pulls out highlights from a survey of more than 300 experts. They were asked for their thoughts about the best and the worst changes between now and 2035 in digital technology and how humans use digital systems.

“The big takeaway is that there is more concern than excitement,” McFarland writes. “This is both good and bad. AI has just taken a huge leap forward, so if ever there is a time to be excited, it’s now. The fact that there are so many negative scenarios being envisioned is probably a good sign. These concerns are legitimate, and the way to address them is to be aware of them, talk about them, and work together to solve them.”

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