Math faculty attend, present at MathFest in Tampa

Emily Elrod, Kristen Mazur, Brittany Riggs and Aaron Trocki presented at MathFest, the annual meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, Aug. 2-5.

Elon University Mathematics and Statistics faculty recently presented at the annual meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. The conference was held in Tampa, Florida from Aug. 2 through Aug. 5.

Brittany Riggs, Emily Elrod and Aaron Trocki delivered the oral presentation, “Applying Calculus with Culturally Relevant Pedagogies,” which represents joint work with Elon colleagues Larry Cantwell, Dan Flores and Nancy Scherich. Presenters shared research on a curriculum revision project in Applied Calculus courses at Elon. This work is supported by a CATL Teaching & Learning Grant and funds from the College of Arts and Sciences’ HHMI Inclusive Excellence Grant.

Kristen Mazur gave a talk “Do and Review: Facilitating Learning Through Self-Assessed Homework Assignments” in which she discussed her research on Calculus 1 student perceptions of a homework system that allows students to self-assess their assignments. Her work is in collaboration with faculty at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and her travel to MathFest was supported by a CATL Teaching Conference Reimbursement Grant.