Chabad hosts President Book for Rosh Hashana

More than 120 students alumni faculty and staff came together at Chabad to celebrate the Jewish High Holidays with president Connie Book

September is always a special time of year for the Jewish student population at Elon. For many, it is their first time being away from home and their families during the Jewish High Holidays. For others, it’s a time to return for another year to indulge in sweet treats like apples and honey, and even sweeter moments of meaningful fellowship with other members of the Jewish community.

Rosh Hashanah is the first holiday on the Jewish calendar, usually held in early September. It commemorates the creation of man (Adam and Eve) some 5,700 years ago. The celebration of the holiday this year topped those in previous years because not only did the holiday fall on Shabbat — the Jewish Day of Rest — but Chabad also welcomed a very special guest: President Connie Ledoux Book.

President Book shared some warm words about how much she enjoyed her summer in Israel and her time immersing herself in the Jewish culture. She also underscored the profound value of community.

Faculty and staff members also attended the event. Parents, alumni and graduate students hailing from every demographic also took their seats around the table and enjoyed traditional Rosh Hashanah delicacies like the fish head and Challah bread. More than 120 students attended the Friday night celebration, and almost 200 students passed through the doors of Chabad over the course of the holiday.

“Rosh Hashanah at Chabad was a great experience. Dinner and services were so nice, and I loved celebrating with so many others,” said Ryan James ’27.

Carlos Levy ’26 said Rosh Hashanah at Elon Chabad was amazing. “This is my second year at Elon and I had never seen so many Elon Jews get together for a holiday before, it was incredible,” Levy said. “I got to meet amazing students and staff and enjoy an amazing brisket dinner. Even though we are all away from home during these holidays, Chabad gives us a home away from home to spend these days.”

Rabbi Mendy Minkowitz also shared his feelings saying, “I am always profoundly impressed with how many students take time out of their busy schedule to show up for their community and their faith. The times we share together will stay with us for a long time to come.”

The Rosh Hashanah celebration at Chabad was filled with friends, fun, laughter, and of course, food. Attendees could not have been happier ringing in the New Year as an Elon community. The positive response was overwhelming, and Chabad looks forward to hosting the community for many more years to come on Shabbat, the High Holidays, and beyond.