Micah Daw presents paper at SECAC conference in Richmond

Micah Daw, lecturer in art, presented his research at the 79th annual SECAC (formerly the Southeastern College Art Conference) in Richmond, Virginia, on Oct. 12, 2023.

Lecturer in Art Micah Daw was selected to present his paper “Between Worlds: The Contemporary Sublime and Abstract Painting” at the 79th annual SECAC conference in Richmond, Virginia.

On Oct. 12, Daw joined a panel of art professors from an array of higher education institutions to discuss the intersection of technology and contemporary painting. His presentation included research topics such as Jean-Francois Lyotard’s “Differend” and concepts of the post-modern sublime as described by Thomas Weiskel and later by Jeremy Gilbert Rolfe. To conclude his presentation, Daw made connections between these research topics and his own studio work.

SECAC is a nonprofit organization that promotes the study and practice of the visual arts in higher education on a national basis. SECAC facilitates cooperation and fosters ongoing dialog about pertinent creative, scholarly and educational issues among teachers and administrators in universities, colleges, community colleges, professional art schools, and museums, and among independent artists and scholars.