Survivor of Oct. 7 attacks in Israel to speak at Elon

Rom El-Hai, a 29-year-old survivor of the attack on the Nova Music festival, will visit Elon and share his story.

Rom El-Hai is a 29-year-old Israeli man from Netanya. In normal times, he is an insurance sales agent and a physical trainer, but on Oct. 7, he found himself fighting for his life.

El-Hai escaped the Nova massacre in Israel with two of his friends and under heavy gunfire, the group managed to find relative safety in a nearby greenhouse.

After hours of hiding with no water or food, and with gunfire still ringing loudly, they had to make a decision — one that would spell the difference between life and death.

El-Hai will be visiting Elon on Feb. 7, exactly four months since that fateful day, to share his story of resilience and strength with the community.

The event is made possible by Chabad at Elon.

“We are very excited to have Rom visit and share his experience with us! We are very grateful to have this opportunity,” said Rabbi Mendy Minkowitz.

Security will be present to ensure the smooth progression of the event.