EdNC features insights from Stephen Byrd on how educators are using AI to support student growth

The article in the North Carolina educational news outlet explores how artificial intelligence is being leverage for students with learning differences.

Generative artificial intelligence is being increasingly used in the classroom to support student learning, and some educators are exploring how this new technology can benefit students with learning differences.

Stephen Byrd, Associate Professor of Education

In her article “Three ways education professionals use AI to support learning differences,” reporter Chantal Brown with educational news outlet EdNC talked with experienced educators who focus on students with learning differences to see how AI can be utilized. Among those Brown spoke with was Associate Professor of Education Stephen Byrd, who is the program coordinator for special education at Elon.

Byrd told Brown that he’s conscious of the fact that using AI and technology in the classroom can be controversial, but that it’s important that students with learning differences be exposed to how to responsibly use the technology as well and to see how it can support their educational development. “We also know that it’s very important that all of our students have access to technology, not just students without disabilities, but students with disabilities, so that they can have the maximum opportunity to learn so that they’ll not be behind in this area,” Byrd told Brown.

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