Psychology lab at Elon recruiting newly walking infants for study on problem solving

The study aims to understand how newly walking infants reach for toys during play.

The Infant Development Lab at Elon University is conducting a research study to understand how learning to walk affects infants’ ability to plan and problem solve. We aim to observe how babies move and use their bodies strategically as they reach for toys during play. We would love to have parents and their infants come to our lab for 4 to 6 weekly observations, beginning within a week of babies taking their first steps. Each visit is held with one family at a time and typically lasts about one hour. 

Families who participate may enjoy reflecting on their baby’s development, which could inspire them to learn more about their child’s behaviors. In addition, findings from this study will help clinicians understand infant motor development. Families will be compensated for their time with gift cards valuing up to $60 ($10 for each session).

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, or if you have additional questions about the study, please sign up using the form at this link. You can also email us at or click here to visit our website.

Your support of this project helps expand educational opportunities for undergraduate students in the Infant Development Laboratory by helping them gain valuable experiential learning in research at Elon University. The Infant Development Lab is directed by Associate Professor of Psychology Sabrina Thurman.