Top oral advocates announced in Intramural Moot Court Competition

Elon Law students in the Class of 2025 made appellate arguments in a fictional lawsuit involving the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and whether the claim should be allowed to proceed when the plaintiff had been given erroneous information by his employer.

Seventy-four students competed over two days in Elon Law’s 2024 Intramural Moot Court Competition, including Yates May L’25 (at podium) and (seated from left) Brendan Wood L’25, Tyler Sherrill L’25, and Lillie Kieken L’25.

You’ve been working on contract for the FBI for several years when a position opens to serve as a special agent linguist. A week after you apply, you receive notice that you didn’t receive the position because of concerns about the effects of your blood pressure medication.

You’re 55. The woman who received the job was 30 with fewer years of service to the bureau in a similar contract role.

Did the FBI’s medication policy disparately impact you and other applicants for the special agent linguist position in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?

And should the court hear your case when you didn’t file your lawsuit within the agency’s required 90 days, even though you were told in official notice that you “could have up to six years within which to file an age discrimination suit, although prompt filing is strongly advised.” After an investigation, the FBI attributed the erroneous language in the time-to-sue notice to the work of a computer hacker.

That was the problem at the heart of a fictional case analyzed by first-year students this spring in their Legal Method & Communication courses and then used as the problem for Elon Law’s spring Intramural Moot Court Competition.

Seventy-four students in the Class of 2025 competed from May 20-21 with several Elon Law alumni, faculty members, and administrators joining local attorneys to volunteer as judges. Each student presented two oral arguments, one for appellant and one for appellee, and was scored on preparation, speaking ability, argument structure, and responses to judges’ questions.

The Top 10 Oral Advocates in the 2024 competition:

1. Darci Sharpe (tie)

1. Landon Eckard (tie)

3. Ashley Clayton (tie)

3. Taylor Rockwood (tie)

5. Rebecca Bailey

6. Caroline Lohn

7. Sadie Lambert

8. Alexis Croce

9. Adriana Hernandez (tie)

9. Anne Sheppard (tie)

Selections for membership on the Moot Court Board will be announced this summer before the board hosts the 15th Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition in October. Moot Court Board members will also compete in a full slate of national moot court competitions during the 2024-25 academic year.

Alexis Croce L’25 and Gianna Landrum L’25 prepare for oral arguments on May 21, 2024, during Elon Law’s Intramural Moot Court Competition. Croce was among the top finishers in a contest that featured 74 participants from Elon Law’s Class of 2025.

Senior Associate Dean Alan Woodlief, director of Elon Law’s Moot Court Program, praised the Moot Court Board for its professionalism in running the spring competition. He also expressed gratitude for the time offered by student volunteers and everyone who served as judges.

“The level of competition was high, with judges uniformly praising competitors for their preparation, poise, and skillful oral arguments,” Woodlief said. “I am proud of the entire board and honored to work with them to host our internal competitions and as they compete in events around the country.”

2024 Intramural Moot Court Competition student leadership

  • Overall Co-Chairs: Sydney Keesee L’24 and Sydney Rimmer L’24
  • Judge Co-Chairs: Brooke McCormick L’24 and Aashna Tarasaria L’24
  • Bailiff Co-Chairs: Andrew Conway L’24 and Joy Reibold L’24
  • Scoring Co-Chairs: Jessica Morales L’24, Lupe Ramirez-Rios L’24, and Tyleeah Stanley L’24
  • LMC Oral Argument Coordinators: Mel Augustine L’24 and Emma Friedland L’24

More information about the Moot Court Board, the BEF National Competition and students achievements in national events is available online.