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Paula DiBiasio Awarded Grant

April 30, 2012

Paula DiBiasio, Assistant Professor - Physical Therapy Education, received $2000 from The Walking Classroom Institute for Move, Listen & Learn: Integrating Language Arts Instruction with Physical Activity.

Dan Evans Awarded NASA Grant

April 3, 2012

Dan Evans, assistant professor of physics, received $25,000 from NASA: Chandra X-ray Observatory Center for The First Spatially Resolved Spectrum of an AGN Outflow in an Early Type Galaxy: A Deep HETG Observation of MRK 3.

Darris Means Awarded NCICU Grant

April 3, 2012

Darris Means, associate director of Elon Academy, received $19,891 from North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) for Successful Transitions: Supporting Underrepresented Students to Succeed in High School, College and in Life.