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Elon senior receives national chemistry research award

November 2, 2010

Elon University senior Anthony Rizzuto has been named the recipient of a 2010 Eastern Analytical Symposium Student Research Award, a highly competitive national prize in the chemistry field given each year to six undergraduate researchers.

Lumen Scholar studies church reactions to slavery

October 29, 2010

Churches have always split on doctrinal or political grounds, and prior to the Civil War, that wedge issue, more often than not, was slavery. Elon University senior Amber Woods explored how early churches in Kentucky responded to debates over emancipation, and her undergraduate research is the latest to be featured in a series of E-net profiles on Lumen Scholars in the Class of 2011.

Student presentations cap 2010 summer research program

July 23, 2010

Thirty-five students shared findings this week from recent work on campus as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences, an eight-week program where scholars work full-time on a project in collaboration with a faculty mentor with expertise in the discipline.

Elon senior honored for undergraduate physics research

June 29, 2010

Elon University senior Daniel Glass has been honored by the National Society of Physics Students with the 2010 Outstanding Student for Undergraduate Research Award for the "superior caliber” of his work on the engineering of nanomaterials for future use in pharmaceutical companies.

CELEBRATE! profile: Molly Costigan ‘10

May 1, 2010

Immigration to the United States and other developed nations has become a hot-button topic as governments continue to focus on security following the Sept. 11 attacks. But not all nations deal with immigration equally, which Molly Costigan ’10 discovered in work that is the fifth in a series of E-net profiles to showcase Elon undergraduate research during CELEBRATE! 2010.

Elon junior presents research at National Monitoring Conference

April 30, 2010

Robert Hackett ’12 participated in the seventh National Monitoring Conference in Denver from April 25-29, 2010, where he presented results from his research project “Tracking the Impact of Land Use and Sustainable Practices on Lake Water Quality."

CELEBRATE! profile: Alex Walton ’10

April 30, 2010

How often do you notice the products that appear in your favorite television shows? And what do you think about those brands? Alex Walton ’10 sought to answer those questions, as well as gauge the opinions of broadcasting professionals, in his study of product placements in reality television shows. His work is the fourth in a series of E-net profiles to showcase Elon undergraduate research during CELEBRATE! 2010.