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Elon Law Review probes sports law and collegiate athletics

The latest edition of the Elon Law Review features scholarship on sports law and the evolving policies and regulations surrounding collegiate athletics. 

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Volume seven, issue two of the Elon Law Review derives from a 2014 symposium at Elon Law on media, regulatory and labor issues in college sports. Contributing authors include law professors, sports administration and management scholars, business leaders and attorneys. The publication includes the following content: 


Simplifying the Transformative Use Doctrine: Analyzing Transformative Expression in EA’s NCAA Football Sport Video Games - By Thomas A. Baker, Kevin K. Byon, John Grady & Beth A. Cianfrone

“It’s Not for a Grade”: The Rewards and Risks of Low-Risk Assessment in the High-Stakes Law School Classroom - By Olympia Duhart

Bib Brouhaha: Golf Caddies’ Lawsuit Challenges PGA Tour’s Compensation and Benefit Structure - By Robert A. Harris

The Right of Publicity and the Student-Athlete - James A. Johnson

New Policies, New Structure, New Problems?  Reviewing the NCAA's Autonomy Model - Anthony G. Weaver


Asylum and the American Spirit: The Shift from Foreign Policy-Based Bias in Favor of Applicants from Enemy Countries to a Domestic Policy-Based Bias Against Applicants from “High-Risk” Countries - By Andrew Brower


Confined to a Concrete Cave: The Death Row Torture of Warren Lee Hill - By Kelly K. Holder



Amateurism and the Modern College Athlete - By Mike Ingersoll


Read articles from Volume seven, issue two of the Elon Law Review here.



Philip Craft,
8/24/2015 3:45 PM