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Amy Overman presents at evidence-based teaching conference

The associate professor of psychology led a session at the Lilly Conference in Austin, Texas, that focused on how empirical neuroscience research can inform teaching practices.

Amy Overman, an associate professor of psychology and associate director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, as well as a faculty member in the neuroscience program, presented a session at the Lilly Conference in Austin, Texas, on Jan. 9, 2016, on "Applying Neuroscience to Enhance Learning."

In the session, Overman led participants in applying cognitive neuroscience theories in their instructional practices. Participants gained firsthand experience using learning strategies based on empirical research on brain function and identified specific neuroscience-based strategies that could be used to facilitate engaging learning experiences in their own courses.

Lilly Conferences emphasize evidence-based teaching and learning and their mission is to "provide a forum to share and model a scholarly approach to teaching and learning that reports quality student learning outcomes while promoting professional development of faculty."



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2/14/2016 6:25 PM