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Students: Submit your work to the Sustainability Project Database

The database allows your work to be referenced by future students.

Have you heard about Sustainability Project Database?

The Sustainability Projects Database was created in 2014 as a means for student, faculty and staff to have a central place to learn about and build upon student work on sustainability-related projects. The database is not only an outlet for showcasing student work but also a way to spark ideas that encourage future sustainability-related projects or facilitate the continuation of student projects.

Submitting a project to the database is fast and easy and both group (or class) and individual projects are accepted.  Simply submit the following information so it will appear on the viewable database: project name, status (on going/complete), advisor, class/organization, and STARS Subcategory (Elon sustainability initiative topic area).  

Often times, upper-level environmental study and other sustainability-related classes have a project or research component that aligns perfectly with the goals of the database. In addition, many of the Elon Fellows Programs include a research component, which provides an opportunity for sustainability-related research projects. 

Highlighted projects range from “Developing a Management Plan for Invasive Species Along the Haw River” to “Does Tourism Alleviate Poverty” to “Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Studies of a Ruthenium Organometallic Complex”. Learn more about these projects and others with similar goals! 

These are just a few project examples from the Sustainability Project Database. If you are working on a sustainability-related project as part of your research or class project, submit it to the database.  Submissions to the database are accepted year-round via the online form.

If you have questions contact Morgan Fleming, the Sustainability Project Database Intern at mfleming7@elon.edu.

Jessica Bilecki,
3/3/2016 4:10 PM