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Projects database offers resource to explore, contribute to sustainability initiatives at Elon

Your ideas, class projects or research can contribute to sustainability at Elon, even after you’ve graduated.

Elon has received national recognition for sustainability efforts and students, faculty, and staff can all play a major contributing role. The sustainability projects database is a resource that lists current and past sustainability projects either on Elon’s campus or within neighboring communities.

Project interests are incredibly diverse, not limited to a single major or subject, and all contributing to at least one of the three major components of sustainability. A few noteworthy titles include:

  • “To Green or Not to Green: Understanding Variation in Climate Change Policy Adoption by U.S. States” a complete College Fellows project by Shannon Temlak and her advisor, Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason Husser.
  • “A Natural Restorative: the Effects of Natural Environments on Ego Depletion” a complete Honors Fellows project by Alexander Ward and his advisor, Professor of Psychology Maurice Levesque. 
  • “Modeling Energy Use in Loy Center N, O/P, Q” a complete physical plant and utilities project by Amy Simmonds and her advisor, Elon Utilities Manager Mark Terrell. 

‚ÄčThe database is a resource for people to ideate by browsing existing projects for ideas or mentors; investigate by adding documentation of sustainability related class projects; and increase impact by building on existing projects.

‚ÄčDatabase intern Emma Nault ‘17 noted the lack of awareness among first- and second-year students about the way the database can be used to document work or capture project ideas. “This is a resource to be utilized by all ages," Nault said. "First- and second-year students have a way of looking at campus with fresh eyes. It’s their enthusiastic ideas about potential sustainability initiatives that are often most creative. All project forms are welcome, whether they are simply an idea or a polished project.”

The database is also a powerful resource for students looking for project ideas or faculty with which to do research. Completed projects may foster new ideas about further research avenues, while on-going projects may need a new student to keep them going. The opportunities are numerous.

To explore sustainability-related projects led by Elon’s own, you can view the database by accessing the Office of Sustainability home page, clicking on Academics, then Projects Database. If you have any questions about whether or not your project fits, email the Database Intern, Emma Nault (enault@elon.edu).  Join us, and contribute to sustainability at Elon.

Emma Nault,
11/8/2016 9:25 AM