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Dabrowski research featured on Organic Chemistry Portal

A manuscript coauthored by Jen Dabrowski, assistant professor of chemistry, on conversion of sugars was featured as an Organic Chemistry Highlight on Organic Chemistry Portal.

Research by Jen Dabrowski, assistant professor of chemistry, into sustainable formation of carbocycles – cyclic compounds utilized industrially in products such as pharmaceuticals – is featured as an Organic Chemistry Highlight on the Organic Chemistry Portal.

Jen Dabrowski, assistant professor of chemistry

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The article highlights the recent work by Dabrowski and collaborators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill utilizing simple sugar derivatives. This research is part of a broader research program that aims to develop catalytic routes to more sustainably obtain feedstocks for consumer products from renewable resources. Currently, a large portion of small molecule therapeutics are derived from feedstocks derived from crude oil.

Titled “Diastereoselective B(CF)-Catalyzed Reductive Carbocyclization of Unsaturated Carbohydrates,” the manuscript was published in August 2016 in the American Chemical Society journal Organic Letters and presented at the National American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco in April 2017.

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8/3/2017 3:20 PM