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Medical Withdrawals for Fall Term 2017

Information for students who may become ill or injured and require a medical withdrawal from fall term courses

Students who become ill or injured following the fall 2017 course-withdrawal deadline (Friday, Oct. 20) may determine that a medical withdrawal is the best option to support their health and their long-term academic progress. Before considering a medical withdrawal, students may wish to consult with their advisor and professors to determine if they are eligible to receive Incomplete Grades in their courses (generally when students will have completed 70 percent or more coursework prior to the end of the semester). 

In order to be eligible to reapply for spring semester 2018, students must submit the online application by Friday, Nov. 10.  The spring 2018 application for readmission is due Dec. 1.

The last day to apply for a medical withdrawal for fall 2017 is Friday, Dec. 1 (for return summer 2018 or beyond).  

Information and the online medical withdrawal application may be located at: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/administration/Student_Life/dean-of-students/medicalwithdrawal.xhtml.  

Whitney Gregory,
10/20/2017 8:10 AM