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Communications students present research at 2010 SURF sessions

Nineteen School of Communications students were among the many student researchers who presented their work at Elon University's selective Student Undergraduate Research Forum April 27.

Faculty mentors for this year’s School of Communications researchers included Janna Anderson, Brooke Barnett, Connie Book, David Copeland, Kenn Gaither, Don Grady, Rich Landesberg, Harlen Makemson, Barbara Miller, George Padgett, Glenn Scott and Frances Ward-Johnson.

Following was the 2010 schedule of Communications presentations.

Poster Session II

Kate Sachs, “Up in Smoke: How Antismoking Advertisements Have Changed Youth Smoking Habits,” Faculty Mentor: Don Grady (ABSTRACT)
Rebecca Wetherbee, “Censorship and Evolving Media Policy in China,” Faculty Mentor: Don Grady (ABSTRACT)

Session I

Ashley Barnas, “Seoul Searching: OECD Ministerial Participants’ Views on the Future of ICTs,” Faculty Mentor: Janna Anderson (ABSTRACT)
Andie Diemer, Drew Smith and Eugene Daniel, “Multistakeholder Governance: The Future of the Global Internet,” Faculty Mentor: Janna Anderson (ABSTRACT)
Morgan Little, “Changing the Paradigm: Learning from the Media’s Successes and Failures in the Internet Age,” Faculty Mentor: Janna Anderson (ABSTRACT)
Pam Richter, “Archiving Newspapers in the Digital Age,” Faculty Mentor: David Copeland (ABSTRACT)

Session II

Angie Lovelace, “Iconic Photos of the Vietnam War and Their Influence on Collective Memory,” Faculty Mentor: Harlen Makemson (ABSTRACT)
Alexa Milan, “How Moviemakers Frame the Media: An Analysis of the Portrayal of Journalism in Popular Vietnam-Era Cinema,” Faculty Mentor: Connie Book (ABSTRACT)
Alex Walton, “Product Placement in Reality Television—Practitioner and Audience Perceptions,” Faculty Mentor: Barbara Miller (ABSTRACT)
Hannah Williams, “Mediating Mumbai: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Indian, British and American News Magazine Coverage of the November 2008 Attacks,” Faculty Mentor: Brooke Barnett (ABSTRACT)

Morgan Little shares his research about media monetizing their content online during SURF 2010.

Session III

Margeaux Corby, “Defining Barriers to Acceptance of Westernized Medicine among Montagnard Refugees,” Faculty Mentor: George Padgett (ABSTRACT)
Nneka Enurah, “The Business of Hollywood: Current State of Minority Images on the Silver Screen,” Faculty Mentor: Frances Ward-Johnson (ABSTRACT)
Caroline Fox, “Picture Perfect: An Analysis of Two Women Politicians, Their Public Relations Image and Media Portrayals” Faculty Mentor: Frances Ward-Johnson (ABSTRACT)
Keadrick Peters, “The Battle of Images in Film: An Analysis of Movies by African American Directors Tyler Perry, John Singleton and Spike Lee,” Faculty Mentor: Frances Ward-Johnson (ABSTRACT)

Session IV

Stephen Ferguson, “The Catholic Church and Its Use of Social Media,” Faculty Mentor: Kenn Gaither (ABSTRACT)
Dannika Lewis, “Foreign Correspondents in a Modern World: The Past, Present and Future of Global Journalism,” Faculty Mentor: Rich Landesberg (ABSTRACT)
Grace Trilling, “Press Freedom Critical Analysis, the Examination of East Asia: China Singapore and North Korea,” Faculty Mentor: Glenn Scott (ABSTRACT)

Drew Smith (left) and Andie Diemer discuss multistakeholder Internet governance during their SURF 2010 presentation.
Colin Donohue,
4/27/2010 3:28 PM