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Discovery.com features Janna Anderson, Imagining the Internet Center

Discovery.com, the online publication of the Discovery Channel, featured the work of Janna Anderson, associate professor of communications and director of the School of Communication's Imagining the Internet Center, in an Oct. 18 article.

Janna Quitney Anderson

The story, titled "Does the Internet make you smart or dumb?" explored a study done by Elon and the Pew Internet and American Life Project. In a survey released this year, technology experts from around the world debated the issue of whether online information is enhancing or degrading human intelligence.

“There is no doubt that the Internet is making much more information available, instantly, in more formats to more people, thus this tool is seen as definitely enhancing the intelligence of those who are fortunate enough to be able to go online,” Anderson told reporter Cristen Conger in an interview.

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Dan Anderson,
10/19/2010 8:46 AM