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Wellness @ Elon: Making Smart and Healthy Snack Choices

Want to know how healthy the snacks you eat really are for your health? Looking for ways to eat healthy on a tight budget? Well U, Elon's Wellness Program, offers you a chance to learn about the foods you eat and how they impact your health, as well as how to make healthy snack choices on a tight budget.

Come out to the Elon Wellness tables on Nov. 3 at the Benefits Fair, to play fun games, learn about all the great programs offered to you from Well U and...

Rate your snacks! Look at the snack list on the poster, choose the top three things that you normally eat and learn which one(s) are good for you and which ones you should try to avoid.

After you learn about your snacks:

  • Pick up a brochure entitled “Shopping Guide for Healthy Eating: Quick and Healthy Snacks on a Tight Budget,” which has cost comparisons of unhealthy vs. healthy foods, healthy snack ideas, replacement nighttime snack ideas, and tips for healthy, cost-effective eating.
  • Get a free pocket-sized shopping guide to carry with you to the grocery store. This is a quick reference guide with a list of healthy snack choices and snacks to avoid buying. On the back there are keys to remember for eating healthy, such as buy big and pack small, and other clues to help you change your lifestyle and achieve better overall health.

For more information about wellness programs available for faculty and staff or to sign up for activities, go to Well U.

Submitted by Brittany Barker, Elon Wellness Intern.

Keren Rivas,
10/27/2011 2:16 PM