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Elon students bring "PhUn" to the Burlington community

Suzane Stranzl (Exercise Science), Josie McKinnon (Exercise Science), Kirsten McCormick (Biology), Cameron Hawkins (BioChem) and Brett Schuchardt (Biology)

Students in Elon University's Exercise Science, Biology & Biochem majors celebrated Physiology Understanding Week last week with local children at the Boys and Girls Club and Positive Youth Attitudes Youth Center.

"PhUn" Week is sponsored by the American Physiological Society and was established to increase student awareness of physiology in their everyday lives. Elon students are among the first undergraduates to participate in PhUn week activities that bring scientists all over the country out into the community to enhance student interest in the physiology of their bodies.

Accompanied by Assistant Professor Jennifer Uno from the Department of Biology, Elon students worked with kids teaching them about their hearts, bones and exercise.

Michelle Pebole, Hannah McHugh, Mollie Hughes, Margaret Frates, Rachel Sterling, Katy Mizilo, Kristen Grater (not pictured).
Discovering the heart with budding physiologists at the Boys and Girls club.
Jen Uno,
11/8/2011 8:12 AM