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Elon expands electronics recycling collection

Eight new locations on campus make it even more convenient for students, faculty and staff to properly recycle broken or unwanted electronic equipment.

Elon University has added eight new electronic recycling collection locations, including a bin at the School of Law in downtown Greensboro, that makes it easier for students, faculty and staff on campus to discard small electronics for lawful recycling since many such items are banned from North Carolina landfills. 

Small electronics include DVDs, CDs, phone chargers, digital cameras, cell phones, cords and more. Items small enough to carry across campus with little effort can go in one of the grey bins labeled "Electronic Recycling." 

For large items such as monitors or large-screen TVs that are university-owned or owned by students living on campus, a work order for pick-up service can be placed through the "Fix It" site or by calling x5500.

Recycling bins are now located in:

  • Belk Library (main stairwell)
  • Moseley Center (near the mail center)
  • Center for the Arts
  • McEwen Communications
  • McMichael Science Center
  • Mooney
  • Lindner Hall
  • Johnston Hall
  • Koury Business Center
  • Center for Leadership
  • Francis Center
  • School of Law

Elon’s Environmental Services department works with Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) to recycle the electronics. Located in Durham, N.C., GEEP is a local employer, has a zero landfill goal and a no export policy. 

“Given the negative impacts e-waste can have on the environment and waste management workers, especially when waste is shipped overseas, it is reassuring to know we're working with a trustworthy company to reuse, refurbish and recover materials from the e-waste stream safely," said Jessica Bilecki, the university's sustainability education and outreach coordinator.

Eric Townsend,
1/23/2014 4:45 PM