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CATL announces Fall 2014 Teaching & Learning Grant recipients

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning announces the recipients of the Fall 2014 Teaching and Learning Grants.

Karl Sienerth and Paul Weller in the Department of Chemistry will use $2,080 to purchase nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tubes and tube-washing stations for NMR spectroscopy experiments students will conduct in organic chemistry classes. Previously, experimental samples were handed off to teaching assistants for processing, excluding students from direct engagement with the NMR instrument. The acquisition of these supplies will provide students in the organic chemistry labs with personal, hands-on experience with NMR analysis.

Scott Wolter and Sirena Hargrove-Leak from Elon's dual-degree engineering program will use $5,000 to purchase a MakerBot 3D printer and incorporate its use into the computer-aided design curriculum of Elon’s engineering courses. With the use of a 3D printer, course goals and students’ experience with computer-aided design will expand to include rapid prototyping and design analysis, foundation skills which will better prepare students for more advanced engineering study at partner institutions.

The Teaching and Learning Grant Review committee included faculty members Amy Overman, Ayesha Delpish and Alan Russell.

The CATL Teaching and Learning Grants program supports innovative teaching and learning projects. Grants typically range from $1,000 to $5,000, although smaller and larger proposals are considered. Grants generally support start-up and one-time expenses (materials, stipends, and so on), rather than paying for ongoing operational costs.  

For more information, visit our website at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/teaching/grants.xhtml.

Laura St. Cyr,
11/19/2014 4:35 PM