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Three faculty members named CATL Scholars

The three professors will work on projects that support student learning across disciplines, including in Sociology classes, beginning French courses, and Political Science classes.

Elon University professors Alexis Franzese, Sarah Glasco, and Matthew Weidenfeld have been named CATL Scholars for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning’s Scholar program supports innovative and scholarly teaching projects that transform student learning. The award comprises a two-course reassignment for two consecutive years, plus $2,500 per year in project funding.

Franzese, an assistant professor of Sociology, will work with a group of faculty partners to evaluate the impact of contemplative pedagogies on student well-being and learning engagement. Specifically, her project will examine whether the infusion of positive psychology strategies and contemplative teaching practices into a variety of courses and disciplines leads to an increase in students’ in-class engagement and overall well-being. Assessments will be implemented at specific points throughout the semester in faculty partner classrooms (in courses both with and without the infusion of contemplative practices) to measure the impact of the contemplative pedagogies and positive psychology strategies.

Glasco, an associate professor of French, will infuse introductory French courses with a focus on social justice issues related to the Francophone world. Beginning language courses often provide students with a cursory introduction to cultural aspects of the language, which sometimes inadvertently serves to perpetuate stereotypes and racism. By using a social justice lens for both language and culture instruction, Glasco aims to integrate cross-disciplinary learning, project-based service learning, and undergraduate research in her classes.

Weidenfeld, an assistant professor of Political Science and Policy Studies, will develop a Reacting to the Past game simulating the debates in the First Federal Congress concerning the Bill of Rights. Working with student partners, Weidenfeld will conduct research and write participant roles. Once complete, the game will be piloted in a variety of settings, including classrooms at Elon and other universities, and at national conferences.

Franzese, Glasco, and Weidenfeld will join thirty-six current or past CATL Scholars, including current Scholars Brandon Essary (World Languages and Cultures), Barbara Gordon (English), Jen Uno (Biology), Cassie Kircher (English), Kathy Lyday (English), and Paula Patch (English).

A call for applications for CATL Scholars is announced early each fall. All faculty are encouraged to apply.

CATL Scholars are selected by a faculty committee composed of other Scholars and CATL faculty advisory committee members. This year’s committee was: Sophie Adamson (World Languages and Cultures), Casey Dirienzo (Economics), Kristina Meinking (World Languages and Cultures), Phillip Motley (Communications), and Jennifer Uno (Biology).

Laura St. Cyr,
10/29/2015 9:55 AM