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Vanessa Bravo presents at international public relations conference

The School of Communications professor shared the first part of a co-authored study that analyzes communications efforts of the United States, Mexico and Canada targeted to their diaspora communities in the other two countries.

Vanessa Bravo (left) and Maria DeMoya’s recent study analyzed government-diaspora communications in North America. Photos courtesy of Bravo

​Vanessa Bravo, assistant professor in the School of Communications, presented at the 19th annual International Public Relations Research Conference, held March 3-5 in Miami.

Her paper, “Communicating with and about the Diaspora: A Three-Country Comparison,” is the first part of a study that analyzes government-diaspora communications in North America. Bravo co-authored the paper with Maria DeMoya, assistant professor of public relations at DePaul University.

The study examines how the governments of the United States, Mexico and Canada – all members of the North American Free Trade Agreement – communicate with their diaspora communities in the other two countries.

As part of the study, Bravo and DeMoya analyzed news releases, speeches, reports and other official information subsidies published by these governments on their embassies’ websites between July 1, 2015, and January 31, 2016. In total, this research analyzed about 7,500 words published by Canada, nearly 60,000 words published by Mexico, and approximately 11,200 words published by the United States.

​The study found strong differences in the intensity of the communication for each country, and also in the strategic frames used by each of these governments.

Accompanied by other public relations scholars, DeMoya and Bravo share their research at the International Public Relations Research Conference.

​IPRRC is the only conference in the United States focused exclusively on international public relations research. Most scholars in attendance hailed from the United States, South Korea, Germany, China and Japan. Additional attendees came from Sweden, Kenya, Romania, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain and the Dominican Republic.

The theme of this year’s conference was “The Public Relations of Public Diplomacy and Nation Building/Branding.”

Bravo joined the School of Communications in fall 2011. Since then, she has published seven peer-reviewed journal articles and two peer-reviewed book chapters in her discipline.

Tommy Kopetskie,
3/8/2016 2:40 PM