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Scratching and singing: Elon students offer Girls Scouts inside look at music production

A group of music students led local Girl Scouts in an a music recording and technology orientation, helping the girls earn a music merit badge. 

Girl Scouts recording
Chris Tarpley '17 explaining music studio technology

On Monday, March 6, a local Girl Scout troop came to Arts West, toured the recording studios, and experimented with music technology. 

Elon students in the music production and recording arts program demonstrated processes related to DJing and studio recording. The students explained the functionality of the various recording spaces and technology used in studio recording. The Girl Scouts experiemented with scratching on turntables and singing in the studio environment. Upon the successful culmination of the event, the Girl Scouts advanced one step closer to earning the Musician Badge.

The following Elon students participated in the activity: Isaac Bates '17, Lucas Buck '19, Alyssa Cass '18,  Ciara Graves '20, Emily Hubbard '19, John Osborn '17, and Chris Tarpley '17.

Clay Stevenson,
3/7/2017 6:50 AM