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Elon Study USA announces Spring 2018 option for Elon in New York 

With the addition of the spring semester opportunity, Elon in New York will become Study USA’s first program available year-round.

By Sarah Collins ‘18

Elon in New York, one of Elon Study USA’s most popular programs, will offer students a spring semester option beginning in 2018. The program was previously available only during the summer and fall semesters, and will typically enroll a cohort of up to 15 students in the spring and fall and up to 30 students in the summer for an immersive experience in New York City.

​The semester-long program is open to every major and offers students the opportunity to take a variety of classes at Marymount Manhattan College. These courses are pre-approved to transfer back to Elon, so students can complete Elon requirements. Students live in Marymount College housing, located in Cooper Square in Lower Manhattan, and have access to all amenities available to Marymount students, including meal plans.

Students also complete a two-credit-hour internship during their semester in New York City. “Every major can find an internship in New York,” says Mark Dalhouse, director of Elon’s Study USA programs. “This is a huge preprofessional opportunity for students. New York is so diverse and so large that you would have to work to not find something in your field.”

Elon’s large, active alumni base in New York City also provides a networking opportunity for participating students.

Dalhouse also emphasizes the cultural advantages of spending a semester in New York City. “Students at Elon hear a lot about global experiences,” he says. “Elon in New York is the perfect opportunity to put that into practice and engage with global differences. There’s never been a more important time to cultivate a global relationships – New York is the place to do that.”

Students interested in applying to “Elon in New York” for the Spring 2018 semester can find the application on the Elon Study USA website. The priority period to apply for the Spring 2018 semester runs through May 4. Rolling applications will be available from May 16 through Sept. 14.

Owen Covington,
4/13/2017 8:45 AM