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Empowering Educators: Elon inducts new cohort of teacher candidates

On Sept. 21, 2017, a new cohort of 70 teacher candidates were inducted into the School of Education.

The newest cohort of teacher candidates in the School of Education pictured with Dean Bullock and keynote speaker Mr. Barry White. 

The teacher induction ceremony in the School of Education marks a milestone in the academic journey of teacher candidates.

The “pinning” ceremony, held on Sept. 21 recognized 70 new admits — those who are transitioning from teacher education students to teacher candidates. Each candidate passed the ACT/SAT or CORE Academic Skills tests with a higher than average score, achieved an overall GPA of 2.70 or higher and passed all prerequisites with no grade lower than a C, received positive recommendations from non-EDU Elon faculty, demonstrated appropriate disposition befitting a professional, and continues to uphold Elon’s Academic and Social Honor Code.

Lapel pins distributed to each new teacher candidate.

As teacher candidates, they will participate in coursework and more intensive clinical experiences, learn about how to facilitate and assess student learning, deepen their understanding of student behavior and how to organize and manage a classroom.

The idea of an induction ceremony strives to build cohesion across all teacher education programs within the School of Education. Cohesion is an important part of retaining and motivating students through to graduation and into their teaching careers.

In her opening remarks, School of Education Dean Ann Bullock praised the students for having demonstrated a solid background in the liberal arts, having made strides in understanding the lives of children both inside and outside of school, and having shown a true commitment to their profession and students through their attitudes and behavior.

Izzy Fagen ’18, aspiring elementary education teacher and Teaching Fellow, introduced Barry White Jr. as the popularly recognized "handshake teacher" and a top-tier educator in the South Carolina school system, teaching fifth-graders of Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Mr. White has made it his mission to build relationships with students and create a family oriented atmosphere, where students can be assured that their voice matters," Fagen said. "He strives to inspire through innovative teaching practices, and by nurturing creativity amongst young scholars.”

Following the introduction, Fagen and White participated in their own handshake before he shared his own passion for education, and helped inspire this newest cohort of teacher candidates at Elon University.

Mr. Barry White and Izzy Fagen '18 participating in their own personal handshake.

During his engaging presentation, White shared a personal story of a young student who changed his perspective as an educator, thus leading to his mission to build relationships with students. His main message was centered around the quote, “before a student can invest in the content being taught, they have to invest in the teacher.”

Teacher candidates were recognized individually by Bullock and received a School of Education lapel pin from Marna Winter, lecturer and chair of the Department of Education, to symbolize their transition into the teaching profession.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Bullock charged the new cohort of teacher candidates to, “be proud to be a teacher.”

The ceremony was organized by faculty members and School of Education Induction Ceremony Committee members Cherrel Dyce (Committee Chair), Terry Tomasek, Resa Walch, Marna Winter and Jennifer Strange.

Jennifer Strange,
9/22/2017 10:35 AM