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Paid sports television internship

* Send cover letter and resume to Brittain Cheek (bcheek@elon.edu) or drop it off in McEwen 112.

MRN Radio Nextel Vision Intern Program 2007

The 2007 Nextel Vision internship offers students a real-world introduction
to live sports television. Operating from the network television compound,
and in concert with NASCAR Digital Entertainment, Nextel Vision provides
programming to the arena screens over the balance of 37 NASCAR Nextel Cup
Series event weekends. Students will have the unique opportunity to live and
work around key industry professionals, including network television producers, directors, and production personnel.

I. Tasks

A. Utility
· General utility support ­ transportation, ENG assistance, stats runner

B. Production Assistant (during selected low-impact events)
· Tape / hard disk playback operation
· Instant Replay operation (Profile)
· Switcher operation
· Camera Operation (prior manual camera experience required)
· Graphics Operation (prior Infinite! training required)

II. Requirements
· Candidates must be Juniors or Seniors, and maintain at least a C average
· All candidates must submit a resume, and a video project (raw footage or produced material) for which they were a principal contributor (writer, director, editor, photographer, etc.)
· Videography opportunities will be available only to qualified candidates with prior experience operating manual broadcast cameras
· Candidates must be able to travel to 10 or more events
· Candidates must have a valid drivers license
· Candidates must possess a valid credit card, and maintain at least $250 of open credit (for occasional single-night hotel fees or other reimbursable travel-related costs)
· Event weekend travel will typically require departure on Thursday evening, and return travel on Monday morning (will vary)
· Candidates must provide their own ground transportation to all events within a 700-mile round trip distance from the event reimbursements apply)

III. Compensation
· $240 per show
· Per Diem of $30 per day ­ $6, $9 and $15 (most meals will be MRN-paid TV compound catering) Other actual approved expenses, reimbursed within a 3-week period.

Nancy Whitman,
2/6/2007 4:21 PM