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Applications for The Pendulum staff due Monday

The Pendulum, Elon University's award-winning daily newsgathering organization, is currently hiring for all executive staff positions for the spring semester. Positions are open to students of any major or year at Elon.

Applications can be found online at www.elonpendulum.com, in The Pendulum office on the third floor of the Elon Town Center and by clicking HERE.Please print out the application and return it to The Pendulum office by 5 p.m. Nov. 21.

Questions? Contact editor-in-chief elect Caitlin O’Donnell at codonnell6@elon.edu.

We're looking for well qualified applicants with a thirst for news, strong writing abilities, photographic skill, energy for page design and/or a willingness to work online with video, audio and other multimedia tools. Some positions require five office hours a week and come with a weekly stipend.

While the print edition is still the heart and soul of The Pendulum, it is also quickly transitioning toward a news organization, with great strides into the online world. We welcome students who are willing to shoot video and photos, create podcasts, interactive graphics and produce Soundslides photo essays.

Positions Available:

Online Managing Editor
Business Manager
Advertisement Designer*
Local Sales Associate*
News Editor*
International Editor
Opinions Editor
Special Projects Editor
Features Editor
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Sports Editor
Staff Photographer*
Copy Editor*
Design Editor*
Graphics Editor*
Senior Reporter*
Multimedia Editor
Interactive Projects Editor
Social Media Editor
Executive producer of The Swing
Multimedia Reporter*

For complete descriptions of each position, please visit www.elonpendulum.com or contact Caitlin O’Donnell at codonnell6@elon.edu.

*Indicates more than one position available.

Colin Donohue,
11/19/2011 10:43 PM