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2013 Journal of Leadership and the Law published

The third edition of the online Journal of Leadership and the Law, published October 1, highlights a recent publication of John Alexander, former President of the Center for Creative Leadership and Distinguished Leadership Coach In Residence at Elon Law.

The edition also includes a review of Howard E. Covington, Jr.’s book, Henry Frye: North Carolina’s First African American Chief Justice, commentary on innovative leadership in the law theories and student notes from Elon Law Leadership Fellows. Andrew Realon L’14, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Leadership and the Law expressed appreciation to the staff of the journal and detailed some of the 2013 edition’s content.

“The thematic focus of the journal is about lawyering with passionate intent,” Realon said. “The staff examined situations that demanded a lawyer’s fullest passion. We then examined the causes of lost passion among lawyers and how they can be avoided. This edition discusses how a member of the legal profession can use balance and alternative thinking to be the most well rounded attorney possible.”

Student content in the publication was authored by John Boschini L’15, Ernest Lewis L’15 and Shoshanna Silverberg L’15.

The Journal of Leadership and the Law is entirely law student produced. It was conceived by the law school’s Leadership Fellows.

Read the 2013 edition of the Journal of Leadership and the Law here.

The Journal can be reached at ELjournal@elon.edu.

Philip Craft,
10/1/2013 5:15 PM