Journal of Leadership and the Law

Introduction to the Spring 2017 Edition

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read Elon’s Journal of Leadership and the Law. Your support is greatly appreciated and we hope you enjoy this 2017 edition. Each article included in this annual issue emphasizes the extraordinary work of Elon Law students and faculty, alumna, and community members and their profound contributions to the legal profession and Elon Law. The categories described below, coupled with the articles throughout this issue, provide an explanation as to why each individual received recognition.

The strong legal community in Greensboro is one of the unique aspects of Elon Law. Local attorneys are supportive of Elon students and are willing to provide valuable guidance. Dozens of local attorneys serve as residency supervisors, preceptors, and mentors for Elon Law students. We have recognized two community members for their continuous contributions to the Elon Law and Greensboro communities. Both legal professionals are true leaders that are leading by example for Elon Law students.

Elon Law alumni are continuously encouraged to give back to the Elon Law community. However, there are several Elon Law alumni that go above and beyond, creating change in the community. In particular, one alumna of Elon has made history, while leaving a lasting impact.

As a part of the Elon Law Leadership Fellows program, Fellows are required to complete two different requirements; (1) a summer internship; and (2) a Capstone Project. In this issue, we highlight several Fellows on their excellent work on the respective requirements. These Fellows have capitalized on the opportunities this unique program provides to invoke difference in the legal profession.

The innovation of Elon’s curriculum goes beyond the classroom. All faculty members are unique in their ability to inspire students. Their prior and current professional work is impressive and diverse. Our journal recognizes faculty members that use their leadership to promote positive change while inspiring students. Additionally, Elon Law students are constantly challenging the norm. Law school is hard enough without having extra work to do. Several students within our school surpass expectations and give back in a selfless yet monumental way. We will share with you how one student has developed a program to serve our local community.

Our Leadership Lecture Series is an event co-hosted by the Leadership Fellows program and sponsored by the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation. As a part of the program, a variety of guest speakers come to speak to students, faculty, and the Greensboro community. Last year, we were fortunate to hear the inspirational advice of Jay Bilas, an attorney and notable ESPN analyst, among other great speakers.

Dr. Leupold, a faculty advisor to the Leadership Fellows program, provides a unique prospective on law school and the importance of resilience. His extensive education in psychology and professional experience working in education provides us with unique insight on the obstacles faced by law students.

We would like to thank the entire staff for their contributions, the faculty advisors for their support and guidance, and you, the audience, for your interest in the Journal of Leadership and the Law.


Janelle Wendorf and Mia Chamberlain