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TLT, CATL offering faculty workshop for 'flipped instruction'

Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) are facilitating Simple Strategies for Flipped Instruction - a working group for faculty interested in flipped instruction. 

In the working group, you will have the opportunity to:

Create a flipped module that you will be able to use in a spring course
learn from other Elon faculty who are already flipping their classes
apply for mini-grants for the purchase of technology needed to create your flipped resources for students


A combination of self-paced online modules, individual consultations and group meetings


  • Oct. 17: First group meeting
  • Fall/winter semester: Complete self-paced online modules
  • Early spring semester: Show-and-tell group meeting

Sign up

Space is limited, so register by Oct. 11 to reserve your space.

What is flipped instruction?

Flipped Instruction is a teaching approach that shifts the students’ first exposure to content out of the classroom, typically into some kind of online resource experience, in order to create room for more challenging and engaging in-class activities. If you are unfamiliar with flipped instruction, check out this Flip-o-Graphic to learn more. Read about Elon faculty currently flipping their course.


Please contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at tlt@elon.edu or 278-5006 with any questions.

Dan Reis,
10/3/2013 11:40 AM