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125 things we love about Elon

There are many things that make Elon a special place: its sense of community, its people, its traditions.

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  • I think I could honestly write a list of 125 things on my own, and then some. I miss Elon every day. The people are what I love most about Elon. Professors like Dr. Vandermaas-Peeler, administrative assistants like Edie Alexander, and (Associate) Provosts like Dr. Tim Peeples. Even more important, Elon has provided life-long friendships that I still cherish, including my future husband. We may not have started dating till February of our senior year, but November 2013 we will marry. From our first date at Brown and Company, to our first kiss near the Oaks, Elon will forever be a part of our story! Elon is home. —Larissa Ferretti ’09
  • I love the beauty of the campus in the Spring! I remember taking my laptop and doing my homework by Lake Mary Nell after class and laughing at the girls laying on towels tanning on the lawn! —Christopher Woods ’06
  • I haven't been gone nearly long enough to say this, but as you grow up things change. At the heart of it, your principles remain the same. North Area is drastically different, the Academic Village came to fruition and there is some amazing upperclass on-campus housing. The spirit of Elon and the development of great relationships, however, has stuck with me even as I have moved from North Carolina. Long live Elon! —Jeffrey Tente '09
  • I love that I can pursue my personal interests and find people who share those interests. —Marty Lucero '16
  • What do I love about Elon? It's the love. It is the magical place where I met my wife, fell in love and have been with her ever since that day when our eyes met. We thought that was the end of our Elon story, but no, our two daughters fell in love with it and decided they wanted to experience what their parents did. Our oldest graduated two years ago and our youngest is a sophomore. They love it too! Our family surely loves Elon and we always will bleed Maroon and Gold. LONG LIVE ELON! —Mickey Leggett '77
  • I love Festivus. —Jessica '16
  • I love that Elon is a sacred space for me. I feel it as I drive by, stroll the campus, or slowly walk its Labyrinth. —Sean Leavitt '93
  • All my professors, especially Dr. Danieley, my adviser and second father. 2. That my daughter, Katherine (Class of 2014), is there now ... and loves it as much as I did (and still do). 3. The Senior Oak. 4. The ivy-covered colonnades. 5. The brick walk from Williamson Avenue to the old Student Union building. 6. The white columns (and the red brick with white trim). 7. Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (it was Number One when I was there). 8. The ice storm during Winter Term 1979. 9. The fact that all the "academic" buildings were inside the brick wall (1980). 10. It was possible to know everyone on campus...if not by name, at least by face. 11. The train tracks (and the trains). 12. What I am today ... because of Elon. —Chris Jones '80

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