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Meredith Allison coauthors journal articles in psychology and law

Meredith Allison, associate professor of psychology, has had two recent articles published in peer-reviewed journals (complete citations are below).

The Ahn-Redding, Allison, Semon, and Jung (2013)  paper was recently published in the International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. The authors examined students' knowledge of crime and punishment in North Carolina. The paper came out of collaborations with colleagues at High Point University and MacEwan University (Canada). Marissa Semon '12 also contributed to the project through her work in PSY 499 with Dr. Allison.

The Jung, Allison, and Bohn (2013) paper was published in Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice. The authors studied people's perceptions of criminal suspects' alibis. This work was also a collaboration with a colleague at MacEwan University in Canada.

Ahn-Redding, H., Allison, M., Semon, M., & Jung, S. (2013). What do students really know about criminal justice? International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 41, 405-420.

Jung, S., Allison, M., Bohn, L. (2013). Legal decision-making on crimes involving an alibi. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 9, 45-58.


Meredith Allison,
11/22/2013 1:30 PM