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CATL Announces Fall 2013 Teaching & Learning Grant recipients

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning announces the recipients of the Fall 2013 Teaching and Learning Grants.

Cynthia Bennett in Physician Assistant Studies will use $1275 to support anatomic body painting as a teaching tool in Physician Assistant education, introducing a creative new approach to helping students observe anatomy “in spontaneous motion” that has found great success in international health care.

Another group of faculty in Physical Assistant Studies and Physical Therapy Education, including Brenda Quincy, Tracey Tonsor, Charity Johansson, Paula DiBiasio, and Juanita Skillman, will purchase iPads to deepen student interactions with the Client and Standardized Patient program and to allow them to assess student learning and capture program evaluation data, $4659.

Joel Hollingsworth & Michael Fels, Computing Science and Art and Art History, respectively, will use their funds to purchase materials for Interactive Art, their cross-listed art and computer science course in which students will create electronic-based kinetic sculptures that generate sound and movement, $3184.

Julie Lellis, School of Communications, will attend training related to yoga traditions and instruction, to support an interdisciplinary course, The Reincarnation of Yoga in America, in which students practice yoga, study ancient traditions, and examine how the yoga lifestyle has been positioned in American culture through media, $3100.

Robin Attas in Music will use her funds to bring in visiting scholars to demonstrate the diversity of contemporary music theoretical research and effective pedagogical practice, $1250.

Natalie Hart, of the Department of Performing Arts, will use grant funds to provide materials for students to make theatrical masks using historical techniques as they learn aspects of history, cultural study, design, and mask construction, $2376.  Karl Green, also of the Performing Arts department, will use $3180 to provide supplies for a new course on corset-making.

The Teaching and Learning Grant Review committee included faculty members Mark Enfield, Kim Epting, Eric Hall, Katy Rouse, and Alan Russell.

The CATL Teaching and Learning Grants program supports innovative teaching and learning projects. Grants typically range from $1,000 to $5,000, although smaller and larger proposals are considered. Grants generally support start-up and one-time expenses (materials, stipends, and so on), rather than paying for ongoing operational costs.  For more information, visit the CATL Teaching and Learning Grants website.

Laura St. Cyr,
12/2/2013 9:45 AM