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Hal Vincent participates in panel discussions at advertising conference

School of Communications professor addressed consumder information processing and message strategy, and the changing nature of advertising relationships.

Hal Vincent, a lecturer in Elon University's School of Communications and the faculty director of Live Oak Communications, was invited to moderate a panel at the American Academy of Advertising conference that detailed factors that affect one's ability to process and believe positive branded messages in relationship to receiving incongruent “bad” news (such as corporate or celebrity spokesperson scandals or negative digital word-of-mouth messages). Members of the panel hailed from the University of Missouri, the University of Georgia, Quinnipiac University, the University of Wisconsin and the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Vincent was also invited to serve as a panel member to discuss research initiated by University of Alabama scholars titled, "I’m worth it: advertising and the unpaid student internship." Vincent shared his perspectives as a direct supervisor of student interns while working in advertising agencies, directing internship programs in agencies, directing the internship program of the advertising track at the University of South Florida, and serving as a former intern himself.

Panel discussions revolved around the recent revisions to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act on Internship Programs. Panelists sought to offer direction on how the industry and academy can structure programs that offer educational value and meaningful experiences for students and businesses.

Vincent joined Elon in 2013, after serving as the interim director of the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida, and working for more than 12 years with advertising agencies that included brands such as Nabisco, Tropicana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the Florida Aquarium.

The American Academy of Advertising is an organization of advertising scholars and professionals with an interest in advertising and advertising education. The Academy fosters research that is relevant to the field and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among its academic and professional members. Through the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, the Journal of Interactive Advertising and the annual conference Proceedings, the Academy disseminates research findings and scholarly contributions to advertising education and the profession.

Colin Donohue,
4/2/2014 1:20 PM