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Rodriguez, Ajjan, Honeycutt publish article in Atlantic Marketing Journal

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business professors recently published research on how marketing faculty can implement role-play simulations using technology to improve students’ communication abilities.

left to right: Michael Rodriguez, Haya Ajjan, Earl Honeycutt

Michael Rodriguez, assistant professor of marketing, Haya Ajjan, assistant professor of management information systems, and Earl Honeycutt, professor emeritus, coauthored “Using Technology to Engage and Improve Millennial Students’ Presentation Performance,” which appears in the Atlantic Marketing Journal: Vol. 3: Iss. 2.

The paper’s abstract reads:

“This paper discusses a popular teaching technique applied in Sales Courses that marketing educators can utilize to engage today’s millennial students through the use of streaming video technology. The exercise, a role-play simulation, can help today’s marketing students gain valuable skills needed to improve their communication ability by completing a two-stage role-play. Utilizing quasi-experimental design, scores in five areas rated by the professor and in-class students were calculated in role-play one and compared to role-play two for 91 students in five professional sales courses. A repeated measure ANOVA evaluated the impact of providing feedback and self-analysis on students’ role-play scores. While exploratory, the results offer support that students’ scores improved in all five areas between role-plays one and two. Marketing and sales faculty are provided guidance for implementing role-play simulations that are experiential and employ technology to improve today’s “Gen M” students’ communication abilities.”

Nicole Filippo,
6/30/2014 12:10 PM