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Interns to Share Summer Experiences - Aug. 25

The School of Communications is holding its Fourth Annual Summer Intern Presentation Day in the McEwen building on Monday, Aug. 25, at 12:30 p.m.

Jasmine Turner, News Intern, WRC NBC4, Washington, DC

Almost 250 interns in the School of Communications will be sharing  their summer experiences with faculty, staff and students in McEwen Building on Aug. 25 at 12:30 p.m.

“I rate my overall experience this far with a solid five, and would give it a higher score if possible. It has truly opened my eyes to the industry and allowed me to explore more of what I want to do in my future; and I realize how I want to interact with the clients,” said one Communications intern.

For the past three years the School of Communications has held its annual intern presentation day for summer interns on the day prior to the start of classes. Communications students who have participated in the Elon in L.A., D. C. and New York programs will also be talking about their experiences. Faculty and staff will hear about the students' accomplishments, challenges and industry experiences; and then evaluate the intern presentations. 

"It's one of my favorite School of Communications' events because there's so much excitement in the classrooms and hallways. Faculty and staff are enthusiastic to see how their students have enhanced their knowledge and skills; and students are eager to tell some wonderful stories about their learning experiences," said Nagatha Tonkins, internship director for the School of Communications. "Our students have produced some amazing work on their internships, and love the opportunity to share it. It's also a great way to learn about internship opportunities. It's never too early to think about next spring or summer."

Students who are searching for internships and those who just want to support their peers are welcome to attend this event in classrooms throughout McEwen.  

Nagatha Tonkins,
8/5/2014 3:55 PM