Economics Major

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree requires 44 semester hours through the following courses:

Select one course from the following: 4 sh
MTH 116 Applied Mathematics with Calculus  
MTH 151 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I  
Must complete the following:  
ECO 111  Principles of Economics  4 sh 
Choose one of the following: 4 sh
  ECO 203. Statistics for Decision Making

MTH 220/STS 212. Statistics in Application (for students who placed in MTH 220/STS 212 upon entrance)

ECO 310  Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory  4 sh 
ECO 311  Intermediate Microeconomic Theory  4 sh 
ECO 347 Introduction to Econometrics 4 sh
ECO 465  Senior Thesis Workshop  2 sh 

ECO 495, HNR 498
or ECO 499

Senior Thesis, Honors Thesis or Undergraduate Research 2 sh 
Sixteen hours of ECO electives at the 300-400 level* with 16 sh
  • At least four hours from courses designated Applied Macroeconomics (ECO 302, 314)
  • At least four hours from courses designated Applied Microeconomics (ECO 320, 332, 335, 421, 432)
  • At least four hours from the 400 level:
*No more than eight hours of travel, internship, independent study and research credit may be counted toward economics elective credit.  
  Total 44 sh  

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