Our Recent Alumni

To put it simply, my "Elon Experience" was both transformative and preparatory, beyond my wildest expectations.  I entered Elon as a premedical student with vague interests in medicine—I wanted to become a doctor.  However, after four amazing years at Elon, I was able to discover and act on passions that I didn't even know existed. I now have well-defined interests in vaccine research, and I am well on my way to becoming a physician-scientist. Elon's focus on an "engaged" style of learning allowed me to gain exposure to most aspects of scientific research; the vibrant student population and supportive administration provided many opportunities for me to participate in community service, leadership and athletics; and, most importantly, I felt that my close interactions with the faculty really enhanced my overall education, while also making it more individualized.  


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Geoffrey Lynn '07
Predoctoral fellowship at NCI
NIH Global Partners in Health with a year at Oxford ('07-'08) and medical training at John's Hopkins (2008)
Elon prepared me extremely well for the rigors of both graduate school and medical school. Elon provided me with the necessary skills to transition into graduate school without feeling completely overwhelmed. Following completion of my 1 year masters program in Boston, I was able to enter medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. The human anatomy class at Elon gave me a distinct advantage over my classmates as well. Elon not only prepared me for the classroom, but also for life outside the classroom. As I begin my transition into a Family Medicine Residency and the possibility of a Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, I know without a doubt the experience I gained at Elon has helped contribute to my success.

Bret Jacobs '03

DO ('08) Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Family Practice Residenty at York Hospital (PA)

Despite my late decision to pursue medicine and being a computer science major, the Health Professions Advisors encouraged me to become a physician. They gave me very helpful guidance and support throughout my application process. Elon education has given me a strong foundation and made me feel well prepared for the MCAT and the workload in medical school. Without Elon Health Professions Advisors and Elon professors, I would not be in medical school today.

Pramote (Ter) Malasitt '05

MD ('11) Virginia Commonweatlth University

Being a Biology major at Elon was a great experience and I feel the knowledge I gained from each professor here brought me to where I am today. All of the professors in the biology and chemistry departments were very encouraging and helpful in directing and preparing me for getting into dental school.  They always found time to help you from questions on lecture material to letters of recommendation.  The open door policy and the student-professor dynamic is unique to Elon and unlike many other programs. This past year I excelled in a graduate Biomedical Science program and know that Elon prepared me well and gave me a strong Biology background for dental school.

Jenni O‚Malley   Elon ‚05

Jenni O'Malley '05

DDS ('11) Case School of Dental Medicine  Cleveland, OH

"Elon taught me that there was more to life than book learning.  Aside from providing an environment where I could grow intellectually, my experiences at Elon allowed me to become a more complete person - one that would be both book smart and an important member of a community.  As I begin my career as Emergency Medicine physician, I consider the education I received at Elon to be a vital ingredient in my continuing success."

Dan Hornyak '03

MD ('07) University of Maryland  Emergency Medicine residency at York Hospital (PA) 

It has been a long time since I have spoken with you, but I wanted to let you know where i ended up for residency.  I chose to pursue emergency medicine at Case Western/Metrohealth/Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  It is a 3 year program, and essentially we work at 2 hospitals: metrohealth, which is the level 1 trauma center in cleveland and is the county hospital, and then 25% of the time is at the Cleveland Clinic Emergency Dept.  Two very different, but interesting facilities to learn from.  I rotated here as a medical student last year and loved it, and ultimately we decided this was the best place for me and my wife.

Donnie Wickline ‘02

MD ('06) Marshall University

Emergency Medicine Residency at Cleveland Clinic

I just felt the need to contact you guys and give you a long overdue thank you. MY Education at Elon has really helped me excell after college...I was able to hit the ground running at my job at NIH with the experience I had from elon, and then upon entering Dental school I felt I really had a leg up. Not only was I able to rock anatomy that first semester due to my experience in undergraduate anatomy, but we also have poster presentations and such during weekly forums and I am one of the few who knows how to properly research and present.

     Anyway, I just felt the need to tell you all this. You all are great teachers and you are doing a great job. Thanks for everything.

Joe Chichetti '01

University of Louisville, Dental School. Residency at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Surgery