Congratulations to Our New
Jane M. Baird Scholars

Rebecca Schneider and Anna Olsen - Class of 2015

Anna Olsen
2011-2012 Baird Scholar

I feel truly fortunate to be a recipient of the Baird Scholarship.  It is inspiring to have a support system of peers and advisors that share my similar passions of serving others as I continue on my journey towards a health profession.  With this financial assistance, I have more time to focus on my academics and to be involved with extracurricular organizations. Dr. and Mrs. Baird’s belief in my ability to continue on to receive a higher education within the medical field has been a great encouragement and has allowed me to get off to a great start at Elon.

Rebecca Schneider
2011-2012 Baird Scholar

I am humbled that out of all of the well-deserving, intelligent and motivated pre-med students at Elon, Dr. and Mrs. Baird decided to invest in my education. This scholarship has eased the financial stresses of college and allowed me to focus completely on my education. It is comforting to know that the ones who are supporting me not only understand the sacrifices associated with pursuing a medical career, but also can testify that every stressful moment was worth it in the end. Along with easing the financial stress of college, the Baird scholarship frequently reminds me that although grades are important, a passion to work in the medical field is crucial because it fuels my motivation.

Kacy Nichols
2010-2011 Baird Scholar

The Baird scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to attend a prestigious University like Elon, where my aspirations and goals for the future are supported and encouraged. Thanks to the Baird scholarship, I am constantly reminded of my dreams for the future and my passion for medicine. Dr. and Mrs. Baird’s scholarship motivates me daily and further supports my educational and career goals while at Elon and as I move on to medical school. This kind of financial support is special and much appreciated by students like me who know the sacrifices and hard work that go into pursuing a career in medicine. As a Baird scholarship recipient, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities Dr. and Mrs. Baird have provided me and I look forward to carrying on their rich tradition of serving others as I work toward my career in medicine. Their display of kindness and financial support motivates me to be a better student and person on a daily basis.

Jillian Somero
2010-2011 Baird Scholar

 I am so grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Baird for providing this scholarship for without it I would not be able to attend Elon due to the fact that I am paying my own way in college.Through the scholarship I have the opportunity to take amazing classes at Elon and also participate in research. I can do these things and more knowing that someone is supporting and encouraging me. It is amazing system and gets me in touch with peers with my same ambitions, professors who are willing to help in anyway possible, and also Dr. Baird and his experiences in health care. All three have really helped me realize that I do want to get involved with healthcare and all three motivate me to achieve this goal.

Morgan Gregg
2009-2010 Baird Scholar

Thanks to the Baird scholarship, I not only have an extra motivation and  ability to focus on my academics but also an opportunity to talk with and relate to some of my peers who are experiencing the same pressures and challenges. I am truly grateful that Dr. and Mrs. Baird have enough faith in my abilities and my potential to invest in my future and am thrilled to have their support and trust as I begin the path to medical school. Having such a solid support system allows me more confidence in my summer research and internships both at Elon and also my hometown. This scholarship serves as a constant reminder of my goals and aspirations for medical school and is an ever-present motivation for my plans after Elon.

Rachel Wilson
2009-2010 Baird Scholar

I am so grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Baird for providing the Baird Scholarship opportunity. The financial and peer support being a Baird Scholar provides is invaluable to furthering my goal of becoming a physician. The financial assistance that the scholarship provides allows me to spend more time on my academics and volunteer activities, which help me to become a better candidate for medical school. Also, having a special connection and the opportunity to get to know like-minded individuals encourages and motivates me to work harder to achieve my dream of working in the medical field.

Lauren Nedell
2008-2009 Baird Scholar

Receiving the Baird Scholarship has done so much for me. Not only has it alleviated some of the financial stress associated with a college education but also it has given me the courage to pursue other opportunities that have sculpted me to into a well-rounded student and person, a highly coveted component of qualified medical school candidates. I conducted research in the field of anthropology studying the role of food in the construction of identity, served two terms as Elon Yearbook’s Editor-in-Chief where I managed a staff of about 20, and give back to the community with over 200 hours of service. I was able to do all of this while maintaining a pre-medical tract because of the investment Dr. and Mrs. Baird made in me and the encouragement and motivation they gave me to continue on my journey to becoming a doctor.

Brittany White
2008-2009 Baird Scholar

The Baird scholarship has played an extremely positive and influential role in my pre-med studies here at Elon.  The investment that the Bairds have made in me has allowed me to focus on academics and extracurricular activities, while alleviating some of my financial responsibility towards education. In addition conducting undergraduate research in Molecular Biology, I have created a program for Elon students to give them the opportunity to volunteer at Alamance Regional Medical Center. The Baird Scholarship constantly motivates me to excel in my classes, inspires me to give back to my community and drives me to work my hardest on a daily basis.  I hope that I can someday impact someone the way that Dr. and Mrs. Baird have inspired me


 Baird Scholar Alumni

Amanda Clark
2007-2008 Baird Scholar

Currently in MD program at University of Rochester

As a Baird Scholar, I have been able to focus more of my time on extracurricular activities and different areas of academics instead of worrying about finding a job to help pay for school. I have been able to participate in undergraduate research studying the molecular basis behind heart disease, as well as organize medical service trips to Honduras. Because I have been able to spend more time building my resume, I am much more confident in my application to medical school. I am very grateful that the Bairds have given me this scholarship and I hope that I can someday give back as the Bairds have done for me.

Katherine Stackhouse    
'08-'10 Baird Scholar

Currently in MD program at Case-Western Reserve/Cleveland Clinic

The Baird scholarship has given me the financial freedom to pursue my dreams. By removing the financial stress that inherently accompanies education, I have been able to focus on my studies and spend more time preparing myself for medical school and a career in medicine. I am humbled by the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Baird, and am incredibly grateful for their support. I look forward to living out the values the the Bairds have embodied as I continue into medical school and beyond.

Elizabeth Foggie
'06-'07 Baird Scholar

The Baird Scholarship is an investment into my dreams, and subsequently an investment in the future of our society. Financial difficulties bring unnecessary stress, worry, and usually result in wasted energy. Instead of investing extra hours at work, I have been able to invest this time and energy into my studies, especially as the course load increases in quantity and difficulty. Words cannot describe my gratitude for the Baird’s generosity. I am humbled and encouraged by their support regarding my educational goals. Hopefully I will be able to touch other people’s lives, the way they have touched mine.

Geoffrey Lynn
'06-'07 Baird Scholar

Currently in a MD/PhD program at Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Receiving the Jane M. Baird Scholarship has given me both the financial support and motivation that I have needed to succeed. The financial component is a large part of what makes my education at Elon possible. But more importantly, the award has reinforced my work ethic in school because it is a constant reminder of my goals in medicine and the values that Dr. and Mrs. James H. Baird place on education.