*** May 1 through May 25: On-line testing is available for new students (first-years and transfers) who will enter Elon in August 2016 . Consult the email that you received for information and the password. Attempts to access language assessment exams outside of specified testing dates will be considered a violation of the Honor Code.***

Language Assessments

Language placement exams are available in most of our languages. Students MUST take a language placement exam in the language(s) they studied in high school even if they do not plan to continue to study that language at Elon. Testing occurs during specific dates throughout the academic year, but students MUST complete their assessment by October 1 of their first year at Elon. Students who need help determining course placement in a language for which we do not yet have a placement test may contact us at languages@elon.edu.

The language assessment  site will be open from May 1 - 25 for incoming new students. Consult the email sent to you for instructions.

Current Elon students will be able to test on campus in late August.

Attempts to access the placement test outside of established testing dates will be considered a violation of the Honor Code.

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