Alumni and friends have contributed generously to the department and have enabled us to offer financial support for study abroad and professional development.  The Lunsford-Ihrie Travel Grant, established in honor of faculty emeriti Dr. Ernest Lunsford and Dr. Maureen Ihrie, is dedicated to supporting full-time students with study abroad.  Students may request up to $500 in financial assistance.  The number of grants offered yearly varies depending on the number of applications and the amount of assistance requested. Individual rewards will be determined by a committee of faculty members based on student application materials and/or information obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.


Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students at Elon University with a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file for the current academic year.
They must also have a current application on file with the Elon Global Education Center for an Elon University study abroad program.  In addition, students must be a major or a minor in a second language or in an area studies program that includes language study.

Application Timeline and Process

The selection committee will consider applications on a rolling basis.  For consideration, please submit applications electronically to Dr. Brandon Essary, Chair of the Department of World Languages & Cultures.

Each application should contain the following information in the format that follows:

1. Student name:
2. Elon email address:
3. Expected term and year of graduation:
4. Major(s):
5. Minor(s):
6. Courses currently taking in the Department of World Languages & Cultures (if applicable):
7. Current transcript (unofficial versions are acceptable):
8. Name of study abroad program/experience:
9. Term/year:
10. Have you ever studied abroad (through Elon or other)?  If so, please elaborate:
11. Amount Requested:

12. Please respond to the prompts below using no more than 150 words per answer: Describe what has led you to take courses in the Department of World Languages & Cultures.  Share any information you can about your involvement in WLC projects or events in languages and cultures outside of the classroom.

13. In a short essay of 500 words of less, please explain how this funding will benefit you as a budding scholar of world languages and cultures. How will this funding allow you to pursue opportunities that you might not otherwise pursue?

14. Financial Authorization

I authorize the Department of World Languages and Cultures to check my financial records for qualifications for this scholarship. I further authorize the Elon Financial Planning Office to release any and all financial aid information related to this scholarship. I also certify that all the information given in this application and budget form is complete, accurate, and true.

Include your (electronic) signature + date here: