Elon University World Language Assessment

Welcome to World Languages and Cultures at Elon! We look forward to engaging with you as a global citizen in our community, enhancing your language proficiency, intercultural competence, and your critical thinking abilities.

World language and culture study is your passport to an exciting and rewarding experience as an Elon student and global citizen.

The required language proficiency assessment helps us direct you toward opportunities associated with language and culture study: from membership in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society to competing for Fulbright grants and other international scholarships and fellowships. Interested students can also apply to live in the Polyglot (World Language) Living Learning Community in the Global Neighborhood where they can meet other students interested in World Languages and Cultures.

Help us facilitate your success with these opportunities by following the instructions below and completing the language assessment in the language(s) that you have previously studied and/or spoken. Since we need to assess what you currently know, based on your past experience, no external resources can be used to answer the assessment questions.

For incoming students, the language assessment is also used to finalize your course schedule; as well as to determine whether you can fulfill the Elon Core Curriculum’s World Language Requirement by virtue of your previous experience.

Take the Assessment Online

  • To take your first attempt at the language assessment online for French, German, Italian, Russian and/or Spanish, please click here (full address: http://bit.ly/2VNfwSc).
    • If you are an incoming first-year student and you take the assessment in May, your information will be reviewed and your placement assigned some time in June. You do not need to email stating you have taken the placement.
    • Typically, the assessment takes about 30 minutes.
    • Since we need to assess what you currently know, based on your past experience, no external resources can be used to answer the assessment questions.
  • For Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Latin, and other languages contact languages@elon.edu.
  • To check for on-campus, in-person dates and to request a second and final, in-person attempt, see the next section titled “On-Campus Language Assessment Dates.”

    NOTE: Students must have an approved assessment score and course placement by October 1st of the calendar year when the student enrolled at Elon.

Students who fail to do so must take at least one course at the level of placement.


On-Campus Language Assessment Dates

If you prefer or need an in-person testing environment; or if you feel that your initial placement is too low or too high (and especially if you intend to continue to study the same language or would like to try a second and final time to fulfill the language requirement via the assessment), a second and final in-person attempt at the assessment can be completed during orientation or during the fall semester.

Students should make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to attempt the assessment a second, final time in person by clicking the “Make an Appointment” button below. The assessment typically takes about 30 minutes.

In-person assessment sessions are typically offered on campus during new student orientation and toward the end of September.

Note: A second attempt at the assessment may only be completed in person.

Date Time Languages Location Notes
Monday 23 August 2021 2.00pm to 5.00pm Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish Lindner Hall,
Room 208
By appointment Arabic, Hebrew, or other languages (to make an appointment, contact languages@elon.edu)