Alumni and friends have contributed generously to the department and have enabled us to offer two student grants in support of study abroad and professional development in languages & cultures.  Both grants are intended to help full time students in their endeavors to become more thoughtful and knowledgeable global citizens.

The Lunsford-Ihrie Travel Grant for Global Experience, established in honor of faculty emeriti Dr. Ernest Lunsford and Dr. Maureen Ihrie, is dedicated to supporting students with study abroad. The Romer Grant for Professional Development in World Languages, in honor of faculty emerita, Dr. Jane Romer, is devoted to helping students fund language enrichment experiences here in the United States. Examples include (but are not limited to) professional conferences, books/materials, and registration for internationally recognized examinations such as Goethe Institute exams, and DELF and DFP diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

Students may request up to $500 in financial assistance.  The number of grants varies depending on the number of applications and the amount of assistance requested. Individual rewards will be determined by a committee of faculty members based on student application materials and/or information obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Lunsford-Ihrie Travel Grant for Global Experience

Romer Grant for Professional Development in World Languages

Phi Kappa Phi – Study Abroad Grants