Conference Overview

The Undergraduate Conference on Languages and Cultures at Elon University (UCLC@Elon) provides an opportunity for the presentation of undergraduate scholarship on world languages and cultures in a target language. Conference presenters are made up of students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program. The conference theme for 2020 is “Perspectives on World Languages and Cultures”. All panel presentations will be made in French, Spanish, or German. Presenters and attendees may choose English for all other scheduled events. We offer a variety of opportunities: 50-minute panels, a plenary address, a professionalization round table discussion, and a poster session. Conference presentations are selected through a blind review process.


  • To provide a rewarding and authentic research experience for world languages students in the target language.
  • To promote and enhance literary, linguistic and cultural studies.
  • To make a substantive intellectual contribution to the community.
  • To promote global citizenship through engaging lectures, discussions, round tables and social gatherings.
Conference Coordinator

Patti Burns, Lecturer in French