Human Service Studies is...

The art and science of helping.

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The Human Service Studies major prepares students to work as practitioners in a variety of professional service settings such as social services, mental health, family services, corrections, gerontology, youth programs, group homes and many others. The Human Service Studies curriculum guides students through gaining the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to work effectively with a variety of populations.

Students engage in extensive fieldwork in human services agencies as part of their studies. Through the classroom and field components of the major, students examine critically a range of human and societal problems and the programs and services designed to address them, acquiring an understanding of the societal, cultural and personal variables which contribute to the development of human problems and to their solution.

The Human Service Studies major draws upon knowledge in the social sciences, especially psychology and sociology, and emphasizes the application of this knowledge to the improvement of human life and society. In order to apply this knowledge effectively, students develop a variety of skills, including those involved in oral and written communication, problem solving, developing a professional helping relationship, organization and administration.


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