Welcome to the Human Service Studies field placement page. Whether you are a Human Service Studies minor or major, the field experience is often the most interesting and challenging experience students have during their academic career.

Students are encouraged to use the field experience to broaden interests and apply learned skills. Field experiences offer a great opportunity to further your interests in a particular type of agency or clientele and discover new interests within the human services field.

The following information will guide you through the field placement process and answer many questions you may have. You are encouraged to keep track of your work documenting your field experience. Students have used this information when applying to graduate school and preparing for job interviews.

As a Human Service Studies minor or major, you are required to take HSS 3980. In addition, all majors are required to take HSS 4985 and 4986.

See course descriptions listed below.


Three weeks of observation, practice, community engagement and key stakeholder connection with human services organizations provide the opportunity for students to apply and conceptualize various aspects of human service delivery. Student learning will be guided and enhanced through course seminars, written assignments, and site visits. Prerequisites: HSS 1110 and status as a declared Human Service Studies major or minor.

Practicum is offered on campus during winter term, utilizing the local and surrounding communities. In addition, the HSS Department frequently offers an international option during winter term. Practicum is also offered first session summer as an on-line class, allowing students to utilize distant communities.


The internship provides an opportunity for students to directly practice the roles, tasks, and skills of human service professionals. Students work full-time in an approved placement in a human services agency that offers experiences consistent with the goals of the human service studies major. A conference with the teaching faculty member and the agency field supervisor provides students with feedback and mentoring as they gradually assume the responsibilities of professional-level work in the field. Offered fall and  spring. Taken concurrently with HSS 4986: Capstone Academic Field Seminar.


Monica Burney leads the Human Service Studies Field Placement services. If you have questions or need further info, please contact her via email at mburney@elon.edu.